BBQ definition and meaning

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Mark Pepelea

About a year ago I hunted high and low and found a copy of your book in great condition and it has become one of my treasured reads.
I am teaching a 2 day community college class on BBQ and would like your thoughts on how to summarize what BBQ is to people who probably have not eaten an a BBQ Joint.

Lolis Eric Elie

New member

I'm glad you enjoyed the book.

In response to your question, if your listeners have eaten real backyard barbecue, you're halfway home. Much of the barbecue experience, even at joints, is about the nostalgia of remembering the old days when Dad was at the grill and all of the cousins and neighbors came by.

First, barbecue is social food, best enjoyed where two or more are gathered together. Second, even eaten in a joint, it has that outdoor informality. It's messy and unapolegetically so. And just as the smoke gets into your clothes and the sauce gets under your finger nails, the feeling of eating real barbecue in a classic joint gets into your soul.

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