Baby Backs On the WSM 22

That sort of makes sense, but I think it would be better if if it was a little longer than 2 minutes? - I think it would help with the overshoots after closing.. better yet, it maybe should be a variable where the user could set the number of minutes (up to a certain number of minutes) the fan shuts off when when it detects the lid is open.
Other than just plain enjoying tinkering with electronics projects, that's exactly the reason I prefer the DIY controllers (HeaterMeter, PiFire), the ability to change those kinds of things. But overshoot and temperature rise is going to happen any time you open the lid, of course, so whether it makes an overall difference in the outcome of the cook if the fan runs or not is debatable.

EDIT: Added graph from recent cook with HM. In addition to the fan, the HM has a servo-controlled shutter. The first and second lid openings were short enough to not upset equilibrium. The third time I opened the lid to glaze the ham and even though the shutter was closed and the fan remained off, the temp spiked and stayed elevated until the fire died back down.

2022-12-27 BGE JD Chunx Roti Ham.png

Very configurable:

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