Assassin charcoal grill or Ceramic cooker?

Adam Lewisca

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Well, I’ve submitted my first budget proposal to the finance ministry and was summarily rejected. Wife does not feel that $3k is necessary expense for a smoker that we will only use “once in awhile”. I actually wasn’t planning on ordering until late May early June, the proposal was just to get her used to the idea. While I intend to make my case, and I’ve got my eye on the Ironside Slugger since they are made locally, I’ll take this opportunity to explore the options that would be within budget. I figure I can gain ministry approval for:

Assassin 36 or 48 grill
Ceramic cooker (Home Depot sourced most likely or BigGreenEgg)

Which would you choose and why?
I’m looking for an all purpose charcoal grill at this point that can also smoke. The Assassin models are attractive as they seem capable of long, low-n-slow cooks and sip fuel, and I can put down full racks of ribs/brisket on an assassin grill .

Am I missing any fit either of these categories?
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Nathan F

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You may have posted this in the wrong sub-forum :).

I think we are in the same boat, I'm looking at replacing my Performer & WSM with an Assassin 48. I'm pretty convinced about the grill at this point, somewhat debating between a 36" and 48". I had a Vision Kamado but didn't like how it cooked so I sold it.

It seems that the Assassin offers the most versatility and ease for servicing (no grate removal, lid is hinged). My build for a 48" is coming in around $2500 delivered to MA at this point but I have not placed the order yet.

If you don't mind a bit more work to service the grill, take a look at the MGrills M1. I really like that cooker but can't get over the grate/pan removals for service.