Arkansas > DeVall's Bluff: Craig's Bar-B-Q

Joe F.

New member
Craigs is an old (well known) hole in the wall joint on the South side of Hwy 70 in Devall's Bluff just off I-40.

They have a sauce that defies regional identity. All the usual flavors are there plus some underlying fruit. Always used sparingly at the 'raunt - with more on the table IIRC - been a while, will have to try it again. Sliced pork sammies w/ slaw are small so consider a couple for a decent meal. Served mild, medium, or hot. Used to think the hot was, but now it's the norm for me.

Sauce used to be sold in local Kroger stores but haven't seen any in a long time

Greg C.

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I ate there last weekend. It's been driving me nuts trying to figure out what that unusual taste is.....the taste you get with the first bite is almost overwhelming. Then it starts getting good to you. I bought 2 bottles of their sauce and have had a little of it on something about every day since. The ingredients list applesauce. But that's not the taste that has me puzzled. It's one of those sauces you either love or hate. It's not for everyone. They are a very popular place to eat but I heard they had tried opening a place in Little Rock and it didn't go over well.