Anyone using the Weber briquettes?


Tim Murphy

Dear Board,

I received a free trial bag of Weber briquettes. Last weekend I used a little over half a bag to do a 3 pound pork sirloin on Saturday for 3 hours and once I shut the vents and pulled the roast I used the remaining coals from Saturday along with less than half a chimney of Kingsford to do chicken on Sunday.

I got 5 plus hours of cooking out of them plus the 15 to 20 or so Kingsford briquettes. The Webers burn long and low and make almost no ash according to my scientific survey of myself. ;)

Based on last weekend I bought a couple bags at Lowes along with my usual Holiday weekend haul of Kingsford.

I am curious if anyone else has tried them and what they think of them? Tonight I did country style ribs and had exactly 16 Weber briquettes left from the trial bag. I put them in the baskets and started about 15-20 Kingsfords and dumped them on top once they were going. In three hours I only added a couple of pieces of Cowboy lump and some hickory chunks and wound up with perfect ribs. I got the OTG thermometer to stay on 250 degrees for almost 3 hours. Other people might be able to do that with Kingsford on an OTG, but this kid was positively amazed at what he got out of the Weber stuff.


Tim Murphy

Harrisburg, PA :)
I received my sample bag on May 20th and used them to cook some hamburgers that day. Worked well for me. They are a lot bigger compared to other briquettes. Smelled good while lighting. I would love to try them in the WSM or snake method in the kettle. Just wish they were not $1 per pound.
I rather like them. You can run them hot and fast or low and slow (I find KBB does the latter better than the former, the Kingsford Pro does the former almost exclusively). They last a good long time too.

I'm not sure that it's worth $1/pound when KBB can be had for a fourth of that a few times per year, but the Weber stuff is good enough that I don't rule it out.
I used them to cook up some steaks and then to smoke a whole chicken. It seems like.....they are better but they are no way 4x the price better.