Any suggestions or mods for Charcoal Go Anywhere Vent for easier movement and not burning fingers?


Mike in Sacramento

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My charcoal go anwhere has stubborn vent sliders and they also get super hot. Just wondering if there are any suggestions or modifications to solve both issues? Thanks!
Good to know! Thank you!

Edited to add: Ah, what the heck. I ordered the air slides and the yakitori grate. $49 international shipping to California.

I love tinkering (sometimes to my detriment), and anything that’ll give out Go Anywhere life beyond being a chimney stand is worth it, in my opinion. 😂

Also, $49 is only two bags of premium lump charcoal 🫠
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Yes, Rub and Grub DOES ship to America. Costs a lil bit and takes some time, but definitely worth it. I almost got rid of my GA Charcoal because I hated the Weber vent cover so much. Got my Rub and Grub air slides and now it's still a cherished member of my family.
Those look pretty slick! I have never even fired my GA after probably ten years sitting new in the garage! Maybe if I had the slides I’d be more inclined to climb into the rafters and get it out in the light pf day!
Sort of funny story, I did not even know we had a Go Anywhere. I found it hidden (and dirty) behind a bunch of things in my dad's garage.

When I asked him about it, he said he thought it sucked and could only be used to cook directly. I actually was going to see if anyone on here might want it, but he refused to let me give it away.

I ended up cleaning it up, replaced the grates, and reverse-searing some thick ribeyes from Costco on it which he enjoyed. Then we really had to keep it! :ROFLMAO:

Not going to lie, the Go Anywhere kind of had its role taken away by the Big Green Egg Mini (not MiniMax) that I picked up from our local dealer on Black Friday, but I do still use the Go Anywhere to cook small things, and to set down hot chimneys.