Amazon BBQMall Grill Table Stand Cart $219

You guys! It was a johnsonville, it was Kowalski!

Well anyway, fired the modified kettle up and am quite pleased with the stability of the carriage, the thing comes with a wire support ring which was unnecessary since I used an ash catcher on it . But, first run was good. Sadly it was so hot I gave myself minor heatstroke with all my in and out and tramping around so, I did not enjoy the fruits of my spinning labor. Every one liked the new rig and said the chicken was amazing (I just added a sprig of fresh tarragon to my basic lemon garlic “stuffing” ).
I purchased this thing in late April as I was concerned by Gabby's SM attachment, along with a cast iron charcoal grate was becoming too much for my old "mod' kettle and I'd rather not do my normal mods on my recently purchased Performer. I also like to burn whole logs and didn't want to subject the Performer to that as well. I gotta say this thing rocks! So far, no rusting but I occasionally spray the screws with wd40 just in case.

And no, iI don't won't think it'll work for a WSM. However, I'll try mine just to be certain and will modify my statement if it can be adapted.

If you purchase it, don't remove the parts from their bags prior to installing as the bags are numbered, not the parts.

Btw I just noticed, although I've not been active today is my 15th year anniversary on joining this forum! Wow, y'all are getting older!
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