Advise/suggestions needed on recent Baby Q purchase.



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I recently picked up a used Q-100/1100? (one piece cooking grate, no thermometer and titanium color). Found this unit on CL, within 3 minutes from my home for $30.00. It was filthy covered in a heavy protective layer of cooking grease, dust and spider webs, but cleaned up to literally like new condition, including the original CI grate and burner tube. Most importantly it fired right up and reached cooking temp within 10 to 12 minutes.

I've read through the Q Forum for the past 10 days or so to familiarize myself with this system.
I have the following questions;
I would like to purchase a griddle for the Baby Q, but I would rather not buy two new separate cooking grates and new griddle half. I see a one piece CI griddle available. Will the one piece griddle, which covers the entire cooking surface snuff out the burner or will it cause other issues like excessive heat etc? The one piece griddle has a large drip hole in the center, if that makes any difference, when compared to the other CI griddle halves.
Can I place a griddle half over the one piece grate and still close the top?
Anyone sell just one CI grate and a griddle half as a combo?
Is using a small CI skillet in place of a griddle a viable option in the meantime?
Is there consensus (adequate heat retention, cooking quality when compared to CI) on the Stanbroil stainless tube grates to make them a worthwhile replacement? I'm kinda of leaning in this direction if I need to replace the original one piece CI grate.
Any other flat, non-tube, stainless grate options currently available for the Q-1000?
Will the Weber folding side tables found on later Q models fit on the Q100/1000 carry handles?
Is the Weber branded "bonnet" a good purchase or are there better covers for the Q series?
Finally, is it safe to use oven cleaner on the Q grills, when performing a complete disassembly and clean (is it safe for porcelain coated CI grates)?

The Virtual Weber forum saved me lots of trial and error, when restoring my Performer last year and I'm hoping to repeat my experience here. I need to post my repair of the common crack or split on the Performer polymer top using JB Weld Plastic Weld and a bunch of elbow grease, sanding the entire top to match the repair (looks great and stronger than when new).

Thanks in advance for taking the time to post your suggestions and advise. Please, don't feel obligated to answer each of my questions, any and all opinions are most certainly appreciated.

Ken, if your Q came with a single one piece grate, it may be the older Q100 style that can only use a one piece grate. If so, you would need to purchase adapter clips to be able to use a two piece style grate.
I tried putting a griddle half on top of the cast grates and it fits a q1200. I pushed the griddle a bit to the center to have enough clearance for the lid to close.
It will probably take longer for the griddle to heat up like that.
Yah, it will take longer to heat up with all that CI above the burners, but the tradeoff is that they will retain that heat better as well.
Gentlemen thank you very much for your suggestions. Yair I really appreciate you taking the time to test fit a griddle half and posting pictures, that is really going above and beyond. Thank you once again,
I will likely just purchase a griddle half and use my one piece grate until they rust and or begin to chip.
I'm still curious about the full size griddle option, but I seem to recall Weber advising not to use two griddle halves at the same time. Does anybody know why?
Also, Bruce are you using the Stanbroil stainless tube grates? If so, what is your overall impression?
Thank you
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Ken, They don't want you to use a full size griddle because it might not allow enough venting for the heat and you could seriously overheat the grill.

I use Stanbroil Stainless flat grates on my Q200.

__20238001 Stanbroil Q200 Grates (1).jpg