A few specific recipe questions... Smoked Chicken.


Ryan Gardner


The salt-cured Smoked Chicken recipe (p168?) in the Charcoal Grilling book that you mentioned in another thread looks really good.

Do you think the recipe could be done on a poultry roaster (perhaps with nothing in the liquid cup - or maybe just water?)?

Did you experiment with doing it at a lower temperature on the WSM (say 225 for 4 or 5 hours)? I'm going to do that recipe this Sunday, but was wondering if I could use my two favorite toys (the WSM, and the poultry roaster). I know the skin wouldn't be very crisp if I cooked it at that low temperature - but I that can be fixed I believe by either putting it over direct heat for a few minutes. (or by not eating the skin)

(The main reason for wanting to use the poultry roaster is that it's so dang easy to clean up afterwards... and it's always treated me well on chicken)

I should probably have read the recipe more thoroughly before asking this question - but my book is at home and I am at work. I wanted to get the question in before the closing bell...

Thanks again for the helpful tips and advice.


I think you are onto something good here. I see no reason why a WSM and a poultry roaster wouldn't work. The skin will probably be a little rubbery after a couple hours, but it might turn a little crisp after 3 or 4 hours, when much of the fat has rendered out.

Will you let me know how it goes? I'm eager to know.