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#1 is THIS SONG.

#2 is THIS SONG.

#3 is THIS SONG. (BTW- Ringo turned 80 last week.)

#4 THIS SONG (although writing credit goes to Mr. Richard Penniman.)

#5 THIS SONG. (words by Charles Berry.)

#6 is this tune. (Butchered later by the Flying Lizards IMHO.)

#7 Wow! This one got me... had to LOOK IT UP. Carl Perkins was such a great guitarist and the Lads certainly did justice to this tune.

#8 is another great Beatle cover of the Chuck Berry song and as sacrilege it is to say, I like the ELO version better.

#9 Wow, got me again! I would have most certainly said SONG "A" until I listened to it,,,, I had Search the correct answer on the web. (I am not worthy as a Beatles fan for missing this one.)

#10 OK... got THIS ONE so I am hopefully still in good graces. The version linked is George with friends Dave Edmunds and Carl Perkins. George was so underrated. Anyone remember the SNL skit with Father Guido Sarducci trying to entice the Beatles to get back together?

#11 So I thought THE ANSWER TO THIS SONG was written by Little Richard, it is actually a McCartney song, but really exemplifies the influence he had on Paul.

#12. Which one do you prefer? The 45 single version or the 1 VERSION from their self-titled album?

#13 It's really good to get BACK into these songs again (see what I did there;)

#14. Paul wrote THIS SONG to be "...the most raucous vocal, the loudest drums..." in response to the Who's "I Can See for Miles" when Pete said it was "...the loudest, rawest, dirtiest song the Who had ever recorded." The Beatles song is considered by some to be the (grand)father of the Heavy metal style and genre. This one is the Second Version / Take 17. Compare it to the VERY bluesy First Version / Take 2.

#15 What a great horn section!

#16 Perhaps the MOST OPTIMISTC SONG EVER WRITTEN. Love the studio takes that are now available on the web.

#17 MY All-Time Favorite Beatles/ Harrison Song. Another studio take version. The final cut with Eric Clapton playing slide goes unaccredited on the album due to artist contract laws at he time.

#18. I missed a couple and had to look them up. I am sure other will do better Don't Me Down on that;) Billy Preston on keyboards.

#19. Desmond and Molly seem like good folks. Another studio take linked.

#20. (Take 12)

Good quiz! I'll admit I was toe-tapping singing the songs in my head many, many times on some to eventually get to the title. I was fortunate enough to inherit all the 'Stones and Beatles albums from my older siblings.

Their self-titled album is absolutely amazing. Took me years to eventually appreciate Revolution 9, but now I get it. The Beatles could never had been as creative as they were in the studio if it had not been for George Martin... he was an absolute musical genius to bring out the talent of the Lads. I hope to God that the self-titles album does not fall victim to the cancel-culture, lest someone is offended by it's alias.

I will toss one back attcha' ... who actually was Jude in the song Hey Jude and why was it written?

Also, for the true Beatles fan if you have not seen it, do watch Paul McCartney: Chaos and Creation At Abbey Road. It's an hour long but worth it. It is an intimate setting hosted by Paul coming back to Abbey Road studios. What I wouldn't have given to be in that audience... oh, my!

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...only if folks want to use my reply if they don't get them (thought I disguised 'em;) pretty well) BTW- I did not realize the answers were listed in the quiz-link, but one had to scroll down to see 'em.

Have not been on a Beatles yootoob kick in a long time.... I am still traversing tonight the rabbit hole as I have been watching/ listening still now to all the studio outtakes, have you to blame (or thank) for that (LOL.) - hope I have enough whiskey for the night (lol.)

I am more well-versed of the "Apple-years" of the Lads. I really got more into the music starting with their "acid" albums. Revolver was truly groundbreaking. And what more accolades can be said about Sgt. Pepper. Interesting the inspiration for that came from the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds Album. Brian is truley a musical genius!

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#8 is another great Beatle cover of the Chuck Berry song and as sacrilege it is to say, I like the ELO version better.

I will toss one back attcha' ... who actually was Jude in the song Hey Jude and why was it written?
#8: As long as it's the album version and not the shorter AM radio version.

From what I remember, "Jude" was/is Julian Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote the song to help him deal with his parents' divorce.

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Yes, that is Jude... good reply!

The original handwritten Hey Jude lyrics by McCartney was sold a couple of months ago FOR ALMOST A MILLION DOLLARS. As avid as I am, don't think I would buy something like that (that money would buy a most awesome smoker or grill.) If I was filthy rich, I would rather have SRV's worn Stratocaster instead.

For the die-hard fan, a decent read is A Hard Day's Write which is about the meanings behind the songs... I received it as a gift for Christmas from a sibling. It really gets in-the-weeds for the stories and might be somewhat boring to the average Beatle fan.


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Hi Frank,

First, THANK YOU !!!!!!Just had a wonderful evening with my DH. I gave him the questions to the quiz and then played back your answers. And we just went on Amazon and ordered the book.

When DH was much younger, he was at a school dance when someone snuck a Beatles's 45 on the record player. They went from Pat Boone to "Revolution". His life was never the same again. By the way, he says "Helter Skelter" was a slide in Liverpool. He says to say "Thanks for the shot of Beatlemania", it's been a while.

I just posted a link to here and a big thank you to luckytrim. He does a new quiz every day. And he also posts funnies every day. You gota love him.
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I just checked out that other forum... LuckyTrim posted a trivia question there and there is one in it that relates to this topic....


This is an easy one for George Harrison fans... if you know both of them, they are below for your your listening pleasure... if you don't know them, they are below as well:

THIS SONG supposedly plagiarized by George.

THIS SONG written by Harrison with perhaps a similar 3 chord progression

Bonus point question: What song did Harrison write in response to the judgement? Hint, it is not Sue Me Sue You Blues

If you don't know, you the answer, you can listen to THIS SONG for the answer ;)
(there is nothing tricky about it;) )