4.3 with Rasp 3B help.

Corbett A

New member
Ok bought a 4.3 last year and put the 3B in it. Had it fired up and used it for a cook once and now I can’t get it to hook up to WiFi or Ethernet period. I have tinkered with it off and on over the last 6 months or so but finally at my wits end with it(I just go back to old reliable my 4.2). When I use the heatermeter devices page it says no devices found.
So right now it boots up and shows pit temp and I can do all the test with the buttons and that is it. It was showing me an IP address of but I could not access it with WiFi or Ethernet port. Now it is not even showing me the IP address. Try the reset to default and nothing. Tried re writing the usb card and still nothing. Thinking maybe dead 3B board but wanted some input on where to start. Thanks for the help.