2021 Ford Bronco

russ olin

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Actually the guy ran over a stinking little toyota and he's trying to figure out how to get it out from under the hood. LOL
Once again FORD TRUCKS #1 43 years in a row. See if you can say that over & over LMicheals. I know it will be hard for you to say that one.
Cause the only thing reliable on this site is your BS. You are a real Archie Bunker. Have a nice FORD day.

John K BBQ

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I almost forgot about how fired up some of us get about their cars! I have friends that drive the F150 w/turbos. They are good trucks.

Are Toyota's new model year offerings more trouble free? Maybe. I do love the styling on the new Ford Bronco. Just wouldn't buy the new model year. If you can wait, I still recommend waiting. Just think about it in BBQ terms... How did your first brisket turn out? ;)

Steve Petrone

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Anecdotes are just anecdotes...I was reading Ford Ranger reviews...they were getting some glowing feedback from former Tacoma owners. That doesn't mean much but they like the 4 cyl engine and 10 speed trans.

Phil Perrin

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I've owned a Oldsmobile, seven Chevy's, five Fords, a GMC, a Datsun, and a Dodge.
Had a problem with one of the chevy's and MAJOR problems all-the-time with the Dodge.

To me, a car is a car is a car is a car. Substitute the word truck if you like. but i'll never ever buy another dodge if it's the last vehicle ever made.
I STILL have nightmares about that p.o.s. and it was in 1977.
Jim, we have an F550 with a box on the back for delivering batteries in.
I was at one of the other big 3 US auto makers, and one of the salesmen came up and was telling me how nice it was!
When I asked about their product, he said that they were cheaply made and not worth the money!
And I know that I see a LOT of new looking ones in their shops when I do my customer service rounds!
And I had an '04 F150. Got 150,000 miles out of it before I started having problems.
I have a '17 150 personal vehicle, with the 2.7 Ecoboost. Hauls my travel trailer fine, so no worries about it!
My work truck, a '19 F150 with a 3.3 Ecoboost. Gets great mileage and I can haul 3/4 of a ton of batteries in it!
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