1998 Weber A Barbecuer's Dozen of Rib Ticklin' Recipes


Chris Allingham

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1998 Weber A Barbecuer's Dozen of Rib Ticklin' Recipes

This colorful rib-centric recipe booklet was intended to be a mail piece. This example was not mailed, as it has no address on the last page. It is "signed" on page 2 by the famous Betty Hughes, Weber's Consumer Affairs Director at the time. Betty was in charge of many of Weber's customer-facing communications back in the day, including the popular Grill Out Times Newsletter that went out to registered customers from 1995 to 2005.

In this neat little booklet you'll find basic rib cooking techniques and recipe variations from basic back ribs to beef ribs with Chinese spices, Greek-spiced lamb riblets, sherry and plum-glazed ribs, and "Fred's Dinosaur Bones". Plus a selection of side dish recipes.

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Chris, what a sweetheart. I will be busy like crazy tomorrow coping all of these. Thank you so much.