1993 Weber Guide To Great Grilling


Chris Allingham

Staff member
1993 Weber Guide To Great Grilling

This full-color booklet measures 3.75" wide by 8.5" tall and consists of 17 pages, a coupon page, and front/back cover. It includes:
  • Grilling tips and cooking methods for both kettle and gas grills
  • A meat temperature guide
  • A small blurb about rubs
  • A collection of recipes (including "Betty's Best-Ever Bratwurst" from Weber's grilling guru at the time, Betty Hughes)
  • Cleanup tips
  • Two coupons--25¢ off Weber Flamgo Charcoal FireStarters and 25¢ off Weber FireSpice Cooking Wood Chips...no expiration date or bar codes on the coupons, I wonder if you could get a retailer to accept them? :D

It seems very ‘Where’s Waldo’ to me. Cool find.
Yes, especially the last page in the PDF where I scanned the front and back covers together.

What caught my attention was that I don't think there's a single gas grill in there, despite the booklet covering both charcoal and gas grills.