180Que: The Competition BBQ App for Android

Chris Allingham

Staff member
TVWBB member Scott Hares of Too Ashamed To Name competition BBQ team in San Jose is offering a free Android app called 180Que, an alarm schedule app designed specifically for competition BBQ.

From his website:

You miss one checkpoint on your competition BBQ schedule timeline and it can cost you dearly! It happens to every comp pitmaster, it’s only a matter of time.

180Que solves this problem – it’s an automated alarm app that runs your schedule and much more. Maybe you need to adjust your schedule on the fly, or add things to do, collect notes during your cook etc. It’s all there.

180Que was developed by / for competition BBQ pitmasters. The user interface is optimized to make cook schedule creation as fast and easy as possible. And you do this exactly ONE time. After that you simply clone and edit schedules – easy as that.
Learn more and download the app here.



New member
I put IQ180 on my Samsung Note 5. I used it to build an excel spread sheet to post inside the Triple ROC trailer and plan to run the timeline I built at Santa Anita next weekend. It is very easy to use and modify and the timeline I built really helped me see time management problems before we get started. I recommend this, especially for anyone with our level of experience. (next weekend will be our first KCBS competition, so take my advice with that in mind).

Scott Terril

TVWBB Member
Downloaded the app and used it this weekend. I thought it was very handy.

One feature I would like to see added in future updates would be an overall notes section for each schedule. I know you can put notes on each individual schedule event but would like an overall notes section for the entire schedule. So I can add things like, "Rub XYZ was fine for chicken, but let's try something different for pork next time." or "NEVER, EVER, pull pork in foil again!"