18" question


Chris W.

Well, I got my 2009 18" back in January from the local Ace Hardware store. The only real problem I have is that I have the old charcoal grate with gaps near the end. I think I might just buy a replacement grate and place it over the existing one to fill the gaps.

Only problem is, I'm having a hard time finding replacement parts for the WSM on Weber's on-line store. Is the charcoal grate for the 18" OTS kettle the exact same one as in the WSM? If so, I'll just get that and slap it into my WSM.
The part number for the original WSM charcoal grate is 72601. You will likely have to phone Weber customer service to obtain one. Neither charcoal grate for the 18 or 22" kettles are the same. In the past, an easy solution to the gap problem was to purchase a charcoal grate for the 18" kettle (available at most any HD and about 14" in diameter), and place it on top of the WSM charcoal grate at a 90° offset. That way, the gaps were closed, and the grate openings made even more capable of holding smaller charcoal pieces. Turning the WSM grate upside down (ring up, bars down) gives the capability of the two to "lock" together.

Either that or call Weber and tell them you want the grate it was supposed to come with.