1. Misha

    Vortex / Poortex

    I'd like to share my experience making poortex and my first cook on it today. P.S. worked out great. P.P.S. I am attaching scheme with all dimensions in mm (millimeters) that I used to create my own poortex. This one is made of aluminium (aluminum) sheet. I personally made a cardboard template...
  2. ChadRex

    Chicken Thighs on Weber Performer

    First time using the Vortex, chicken thighs with honey, siracha glaze. Pre-seasoned with SPG the night before. Turned out crispy with sweet tangy , tender bite.
  3. Dave Z

    Cleaning Gear and a Heat Screen Mod

    Howdy! Happy holidays to folks and all the best for 2021.... Like many folks, I like to try different methods for cooking and love to do mods. I have two WSM22 and have pimped them out with lid hinges, stainless steel doors, the Cajun Bandit Extended Rack Support Kit, gaskets and a better...
  4. M Craw

    Wings N' Things (Vortex)

    Grilled some wings, drummies and a chicken breast for my wife the other night and thought I would share it with my fellow foodies. I haven't grilled drummies for some time, and to be quite honest, I'd much rather have a thigh than a drummie/leg anymore. Maybe I'm getting old.
  5. M Craw

    Thighs on the Kettle w/ Vortex

    I had never done thighs on the Vortex before... Looks like I'll never be doing them any other way again. Enjoy! We sure did. :cool:
  6. M Craw

    Kettle Vortex'd Buffalo Wings

    I want to first start by saying if there's anyone on here who loves chicken wings on the grill, but you've yet to try grilling them on a Kettle w/ the Vortex, you're sadly missing out. These, in my humble opinion, are the best grilled wings I've ever made, and quite possibly be some of the best...
  7. M Craw

    Hello from The Hawkeye State!

    Hey guys, Craw here from the great state of Iowa. Go Hawks! :cool: Long time (on and off) lurker, but I thought I would finally register and introduce myself. This is a incredible resource for us outdoor cooking enthusiasts, and I hope I can share a little bit of my knowledge/advice with all...
  8. T

    Buffalo Wings - Vortex Style

    Chicken wings and drummies seasoned with the Buffalo Wing Brat Seasoning. Onto the grill using the Vortex. The Vortex is setup in the high heat indirect cooking style and using a Grill Mat in the indirect cooking area for easy clean up. Once the chicken was almost done I tossed them in a...
  9. T

    Stuffed Chicken Thighs

    Chicken thighs with the bone removed. For the filling I used some anaheim peppers and horseradish cheese. Secured the thighs with some grilling bands. Have the large Vortex set up for searing. First had the chicken to the side cooking indirect and then moved over the Vortex for a sear to...
  10. D

    Post Vortex 1st smoke for 2014. The Butt is on

    Its suppose to hit in the upper 40's today now that the negative temps have past. Figured today would be a great day to Get my SMOKE on for 2014!!! 7 pound butt is on.