restored genesis platinum

  1. Dave in KC

    The Glen Blue Platinum

    Some of you have likely seen this by now, but I am sure many have not. This is my latest ground up resto. Huge thanks to Jeff @ for doing the lid redo- much improved from the faded black. Also, thanks to Charles Bouchard for the wheel inserts...
  2. A

    I purchased 2 Webers to restore or refurbish. Need advise.

    I purchased 2 Webers to restore or refurbish. Need advice. This is my first post, so bear with me. After spending $600 on a Broil King 3 years ago and putting it out on the trash recently, I decided I didn't want to spend that much on another throw away grill. I began searching the internet...
  3. Bruce

    Before and after: Stainless Steel Platinum

    I finished my Franken Grill and wanted to post some pictures since it is somewhat unique. It has the frame and wheels from a Stainless steel Platinum grill. The side tables and swing tables and end handles are from a 2005 Summit, the wire rack in the base is from a Gold C, the lid is from a...
  4. S

    My Genesis Platinum B

    I started lurking here about a month ago to pick up some restoration techniques to use on my Fiesta grill. Unfortunately they don't have the parts availability that Weber has. Then about 2 weeks ago, this Platinum B followed me home with a the typical rusted bottom tray.(pic from ad)...
  5. Sam Bee

    First grill for 2019

    I picked up this gem earlier today, it's a 00-01 Weber Genesis Platinum C. I really like the closed cabinet on this one because Weber didn't go el cheapo on the materials just like they did on the 05 Platinum C and so forth. I got the grill for $45 so not too shabby, I should have asked for $40...
  6. Sam Bee

    Another '05 Genesis Platinum C rehab

    Hello all, Picked up this Genesis Platinum C 2005 last month, the seller just put on new burners so that was a plus... Rust in the usual spots... Breaking it down to the frame, man I like this stainless frame... Cleaning up the box... Testing out the burners... Check out the next...
  7. L

    Weber Genesis Platinum 2005 Restore

    Hey everyone I wanted to share my quick restore of a 2005 weber genesis platinum. The most interesting thing of this particular grill is that the frame is stainless steel and when I found that out I really wanted one. The problem with these grills is that they have the closed cart design...