mini wsm

  1. Steve_A (Tatoosh)

    Magnum Mini-WSM

    This may be old news here, but it is new to me ... the Smokey Joe being turned into not just a mini-wsm, but a mini-magnum wsm! The project is in progress over at BBQ Brethren and might interest some of the mini-wsm folks. The guy is doing two kettles instead of one and going for a third, all...
  2. S

    2 Questions: Lighting My Mini WSM & Cooking Half Pork Shoulder

    I'm a brand new Mini WSM owner and new to this it!! I've read lots of threads but do still have a couple of rookie questions. 1. How should I light my Mini WSM? I will mainly be cooking chicken breasts, ribs, and smaller pork shoulders (less than 5 pounds) so I won't have 6+ hour...
  3. S

    Just Built A Mini WSM This Weekend - Super Easy & Loved It!

    After reading many different forum posts on building a Mini WSM, I went ahead and built my own this weekend. It didn't take very long as was very easy (and fun!). I've got a few pics I'll post below. I just need to eventually paint the pot but I am excited to start using it for sure. The parts...