1. J

    Preferred way to convert Genesis Gold C from Propane to Natural Gas

    Hi all, New to the forums! I recently purchased a barely used Genesis Gold C (3290001) for $60, love it so far but I wanted to ask what is the best way to convert it from Propane to Natural Gas? I recently moved to a new house that already has a natural gas hookup and want to use it. I was...
  2. Jon K

    SOLD Complete Propane Manifold Assembly, Genesis 310 NO Side Burner 2008 To 2010 $60

    My loss is your gain! I ordered the wrong part of my Genesis rebuild and by the time I realized, it was too late to return the incorrect part. This is a complete propane manifold assembly. Fits Genesis 310 with NO sideburner, years 2008-2010. Includes all three main burner valves mounted to the...
  3. R

    Summit 650 6 burner NG Manifold

    Summit 650 6 burner NG manifold for sale. $125 or swap for an LPmanifold
  4. B

    79165 LP Manifold for my Summit S470 Grill

    WTB Summit S470 LP manifold needed. Also need cooking Grates and flavoring bars.
  5. P

    Manifold price for 2010 Spirit 210?

    Hi all; first time post. I'll follow up with another post regarding me soon enough. I'm doing a mild restoration (cleaning and parts replacement) for a 2010-era Spirit 210. The manifold is broken, as one of the brackets that attaches it to the fire box rusted out and snapped off yesterday. I...
  6. Greg M

    How to lubricate manifold knobs?

    The burner control knobs on my weber genesis 1000 are sticking a bit. What's the best way to lubricate those 3 controls? I know it's been discussed somewhere but I can't find it.
  7. K

    Weber Genesis 5000 restoration

    I was given a Weber Genesis 5000 NG, great shape, was wheeled out of garage to cook and then kept there so other than a few banged up boards, it is in great shape. I really don't want to run gas out to where I plan to use it in my yard so I've begun to convert to LP. Replaced all of the...