1. Grant Cunningham

    Summit Kamado E6/S6 owners: what do you wish you'd been told when you got yours?

    Well, my E6 has arrived! I've got it assembled and, as I write this, is currently undergoing the "burn in". Coming from a Kettle, I know I've got some things to learn. I've already read about the heat control being the "opposite" of a Kettle (top vs bottom vents), but what other things am I...
  2. T

    New Weber Summit Kamado E6 - Lid misaligned

    Hello everyone. I received yesterday my brand new Weber Summit Kamado E6. I assembled it all without issues but in the end I noticed that my lid does not sit aligned with the bowl. If I look from the underside, I can see that the lid is a few mm to the left side but the thermometer, front handle...
  3. I

    Summit Kamado + Kamado Joe Soapstone

    Anyone with a Summit Kamado or Summit Charcoal played around with the Kamado Joe Soapstone accessory? I am curious if that would work with Summit Kamado instead of a cast iron griddle. https://www.kamadojoe.com/collections/accessories/products/kamado-joe-half-moon-soapstone?variant=32636359508019
  4. B

    Souffle on a Grilla Kong? You bet.

    People shy away from souffles because they have a reputation for being tricky to cook. Actually, they're not and if you follow a few strict rules even a first timer can be successful. These days it's even easier with Al Gore's Internet loaded with how-to videos. I was impressed with how well...
  5. Ted A

    Game changer for Summit grill?

    Game changer for Summit Charcoal grill? I can't (won't) afford either one but this one gets closer in price to an all-in-one that I'd consider. I'll stick with my Weber grills and smokers but thought this would be a lively topic. :D... You views...