genesis 1000-5000

  1. J

    Wanted: Natural Gas Manifold for Genesis 1200

    Hello, New to posting to the forum, but long time follower. I’ve refurbished a number of Weber Genesis 1000s with the help of posts on this forum, and now I’m in search of a part that can seemingly no longer be sourced from Weber or third party sites: a natural gas manifold compatible with...
  2. R

    Weber genesis 5500

    New to this forum. Thought I would share this, incredibly rare, weber genesis 5500. I found this on a Facebook buy and sell. I currently have it disassembled and am working on the fire box. I've been lurking around this site, getting alot of good input from others. This one is in amazing shape...
  3. M

    Summit 470 Knobs needed after Melt from MN Wind and Genesis 5000 Bolt Question

    Two questions: I was at a friends place Saturday, he was grilling on a SS Summit 470 with a Sear Element (didn't use), very impressive. There was a good wind blowing off the lake and while grilling unattended, the knobs melted off due to some kind of draft action. Does anyone have any...
  4. SHurwitz

    Help identifying Genesis barbed (not flare) fitting NG connection from manifold

    I was given what I believe to be a Genesis 2000 (Model # 430000, Serial # L3 128117). I'm in the process of cleaning and some light restoration. The old hose was leaking so I removed the hose which was cinched with a copper band around the barbed fitting thinking it would be easy to replace, but...
  5. ReinderE

    Which Genesis is this? (1993)

    Hi Folks, A few years ago I bought this Weber grill. I know it is a Genesis but can't determine which one. Hope you can help me. Model year is 1993. See this pictures for further info: The grill works well but could needs some TLC. I've...