gas grills

  1. E

    Using Wood Chips to Add Smoke Flavor in a Gas Grill

    We just replaced our gas grill with a new one. Yesterday we stopped at a specialty store that sells wood for grilling. They also sell many rubs and sauces and a few grilling accessories. I was shocked at the prices they were asking for small bags of shredded wood chips. Here are my questions...
  2. J

    Slow cooking ribs on a gas grill question

    I'm hoping for any advice on how to improve my setup so that I can be more confidence in my slow-cooked ribs. I've done this a few times now and have gotten similar results: My propane barbecue has three burners. I can get 225 degrees on the grill's temperature thing if I turn the leftmost...
  3. J

    Question About Moldy Grill

    I had a huge green egg and was getting ready to smoke it today when I saw white and green moulid on my plate and the grill grates (this is the first time mould has appeared in several years of ownership). I cleaned the top with a wire brush before turning on the grill to 225 degrees. Before I...
  4. B

    Anyone looking for some projects in the Bay Area?

    I am grill heavy and time short right now. I have these 3 grills left that I didn’t get around to restoring, and I could use the space more right about now. Anybody interested? All offers will be taking into consideration.
  5. Dave Z

    2020 Gas Models Information?

    Long time Weber user. I have two Weber Smoky Mountains and an old Genesis Silver B. The gasser has been in 3 different countries now - USA, Switzerland and now the UK. It is time for me to get a new Weber gas grill. Will there be new features / models in 2020? Any announcements yet? The reason...
  6. D

    All-weather attractive 20lb propane tank cover?

    Storing my WSM bullet is no problem. I keep it covered in the garage when I'm not using it. The two 20lb propane tanks for my new Genesis ii-315 are another matter. I take seriously the warnings not to store propane tanks in the garage or on a wooden porch or deck. I've got a level spot on our...
  7. W

    Any Summit X-X70 owners here?

    I am in researching a new gas grill purchase. After considering the current Genesis and comparing other features, and also considering waiting on the new Genesis IIs coming out in the spring, we have decided on a Summit S-4....something. I prefer the stainless model and we only need a four...
  8. R

    GrillGrates Questions

    I have a Genesis 320 and have been reading up on the GrillGrates. They are certainly getting high praise. I have a few questions for those of you who use them regularly: 1) Is there any advantage to covering only half of the grill with the GrillGrates? I would need 5 panels for complete...
  9. J

    Hello from California!

    Hi I've been cooking on a gas grill for many years now and have tried various brands. I've been wanting to join a community where I can share and talk to people on my love for grills. and I'm a huge fan of ribs and steaks! So far from my visits, this is a fantastic forum with tons of useful...