1. R

    Hello from Suffolk, England

    Hello to All I’ve had my Smokey Mountain 18 1/2” for ten years. It’s always stood outside with a cover and still looks great! Thanks to this excellent resource, I have upgraded it to modern standards with: wheels; lid hinge; thermometer holes; lid thermometer; lifting handles and high temp...
  2. M

    Birmingham, UK

    Hi guys, This is the first summer I've had a garden and I've been bitten by the BBQ bug bad! So much so that i now want to progress onto smoking! I've settled on the Webber Smokey Mountain but am unsure whether to go for the 47cm (18.5" for my American friends) or 57cm (22.5") model. I enjoy...
  3. A

    Complete beginner with Weber Smoker. Help!

    Hi all My name is Angela. I LOVE cooking. However my cooking is confined to the domestic kitchen. !!!!! I have purchased a Weber Smoker.... I have no idea what I am doing!!! I am also a technophobe. No facebook . No twitter. Not a member of any forum. Ever. As I write this my daughter is...
  4. Dave Z

    Howdy from Surrey, UK

    Howdy folks, Dave Z here....originally from Pennsylvania but moved to Texas when I was 13. Lived in Texas most of my life but have been living in Europe for the past 10 years. Glasgow, Zürich and now Grayshott, a small village in Surrey, outside of London. Many thanks to all who built and...