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Thread: gas go anywhere griddle question

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    gas go anywhere griddle question

    Mostly cook on my charcoal kettle. Also have a q220 that I use occasionally. I have the griddle that fits on 1/2 of the q220 grill. The instructions for the q220 say not to use 2 griddles inserts to cover the whole grill. I am thinking about getting a gas ga for camping. I have also found an aftermarket griddle that fits on 1/2 of the ga grill.
    Do you think it would be possible to get 2 griddle inserts and cover the whole grill or would I only be able to cover 1/2 with the griddle just like my q220? Thanks.

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    Hello, Katie N - welcome to TVWBB!

    It's a gas safety issue. The question is:

    If the two griddles create a significant enough ventilation restriction on the Q.

    Could that condition, in a worst case scenario (high winds, for example, where the flame is blown out), potentially create a situation where enough gas builds up in the cooker to create a condition for an explosion?

    I would only use a two-griddle setup if I was on-site and left the lid on the Q up. Let us know how your cooks go!
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    I found a small griddle that would work on my q220. Enough clearance to not worry about. Have not seen one to fit on the gga though. Thats mighty small. Maybe just use a small cast iron pan ?

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