gas go anywhere griddle question

Katie N

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Mostly cook on my charcoal kettle. Also have a q220 that I use occasionally. I have the griddle that fits on 1/2 of the q220 grill. The instructions for the q220 say not to use 2 griddles inserts to cover the whole grill. I am thinking about getting a gas ga for camping. I have also found an aftermarket griddle that fits on 1/2 of the ga grill.
Do you think it would be possible to get 2 griddle inserts and cover the whole grill or would I only be able to cover 1/2 with the griddle just like my q220? Thanks.

Jepprey P

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Hello, Katie N - welcome to TVWBB!

It's a gas safety issue. The question is:

If the two griddles create a significant enough ventilation restriction on the Q.

Could that condition, in a worst case scenario (high winds, for example, where the flame is blown out), potentially create a situation where enough gas builds up in the cooker to create a condition for an explosion?

I would only use a two-griddle setup if I was on-site and left the lid on the Q up. Let us know how your cooks go!
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George Curtis

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I found a small griddle that would work on my q220. Enough clearance to not worry about. Have not seen one to fit on the gga though. Thats mighty small. Maybe just use a small cast iron pan ?
I've got a griddle that was intended for a gas stove, branded Ozark trail. It fits nicely across my Q200, with plenty of room for ventilation around it, and also fits nicely in my 22" kettle. Honestly though, I would recommend a different brand, but it works very well as a proof of concept. The reverse side of this one is intended to impart grill marks, but they are actually sharp enough to cut into the meat as it cooks which is obviously less than ideal.