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Thread: Maintaining Temps

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    Maintaining Temps

    I have been using my WSM 18 since March everything has came out great. I start with 20 lit coals minion. I have always been able to get it settle in on a
    temperature close to target + or - 20 degrees and hold for hours without adjusting. My last two cooks one with water one without I have not been able to. It's been holding steady for one hour then temp very slowly rises. After letting rise 25 degrees past target of 275 I close one vent by a tiny bit. Then temp descends very slowly 45 minutes later opening the vent again trying to split the difference. Never seems to settle. Only using KBB, measuring temp at the grate.

    I'm I starting with too many lit coals? before the last cook I did clean where the lid and middle section meet made no difference. Any suggestions?



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    I'm inclined to feel it's quite possible that 20 lit coals in March in Ohio might be too many during summer months. I typically light 8-12.

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    I agree with Fletch, try ten next time.
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