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Thread: Strawberry Shrimp

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    I used Kona Longboard as the beer.


    I liked the fried component of the shrimp. It was my first time making fried shrimp. The batter and texture came out well.

    However, the sauce doesn't taste much like strawberries. It has the texture of strawberries. But it tastes more savory and spicy.

    Is it possible to reduce or eliminate the soy sauce, ketchup, and red wine vinegar? I think those were the elements which were giving it more of that spicy flavor.

    I thought it was going to taste sweet.

    How would you suggest I try changing things for next time?

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    All recipes are merely stepping off points, in my mind at least, if it was too tart, reduce acid too salty, reduce that. Strongly suggest you watch “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat” (Netflix) make notes about the REASONS things are done and start to apply the theory and learn what you like from there.
    I have a buddy that used to go into places and asks for the hottest wings they can do! Then proceeded to ***** about them not being hot enough, now since habeñero has become so much more readily available, he’s learned to quit whining!
    The point of that is this, as I’ve told you before, is cooking for yourself, family and friends so, make things the way you enjoy them. I think is pretty important to have an understanding of each ingredient so the stored taste “memory” you can draw from as you prepare things will help you understand what is going in the pot so to speak.
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