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Thread: Raspberry Pi 4 B 2019 Support

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    Actually I was just playing with it a little more and found that I can connect to my 5GHz network just fine (all my "IoT devices" are on the 2.4GHz network and I save my 5GHz for high throughput). No matter where I put the Pi it reports great signal and 1ms ping times to the router. Switch back over to 2.4GHz and it is awful, 600ms or more ping times. Maybe some other wifi in the area is interacting poorly with it or something even though no other device has the issue. I might look at changing channels and dropping to 20MHz width to see if either makes it work, but I am pleased that it works great on 5GHz.
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    Interesting. I will suggest to G that he repeat your 2.4Hz and 5gHz testing on his.

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