Thanks for your input! It certainly seems like a very sweet grill!

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I did a restore on a 2004/5 version of that one, without all the SS steel. Couple of things to note. Flavorizer bars are ridiculously expensive and hard to find if/when it comes time to replace them. THe reason is the placement of a cross piece in the middle that covers the crossover tubes. Good news there though is that they last for freaking ever. The front of the firebox is the next area of concern. Unlike the all aluminum firebox of the Genny's, the front and back of the Summit firebox is stamped steel. It tends to corrode where the burner tubes go through. Also, the inside upper lip of front and back, where the grates sit can be problematic.

That said, it's a freaking awesome grill and if you can avoid the above mentioned issues, or address them quickly, that's a very sweet grill.