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Thread: Mother's Day Sunday

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    Mother's Day Sunday

    When I ask my wife what she'd like for a special occasion cook, in this case Mother's Day, I often get the same reply. Halibut. Happened to have a nice one pound piece in the freezer so that is what I did. I've posted a couple of recent halibut cooks in the past few months so this one will be brief. I went with a different recipe that sounded tasty.

    Asparagus on the JJ.

    Salt and pepper and halibut on.

    Plated it up. Made up a marinade for the fish that consisted of zest and juice of one lemon, red pepper flakes, 4 cloves of minced garlic, capers, basil and some olive oil. Half the marinade with on the halibut after the flip and the remaining half went on just before serving.

    Hope you all had a great Mother's Day Weekend. Thank you for looking.
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    Looks great Cliff, bet it tasted the same.
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    That looks awesome Cliff, I love Halibut.
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    That looks awesome, Cliff. I didn't know it was mother's day. I figured you cooked them just for the halibut! (I am now truly a dad.)
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    Ive never had Halibut! Think Ill try it

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