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Thread: Vortex as a tool for crispy chicken

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    Vortex as a tool for crispy chicken

    My copy of your new book Ultimate Grilling arrived on the 23rd and I am really impressed by its contents. I read where you have written 17 books. I have fifteen of your cookbooks, I値l have to figure which two I知 missing.
    My question is a popular grilling tool on the forum is the use of a vortex especially for chicken wings and kettle fried chicken. Are you familiar with a vortex and if you have used one what are your thoughts on it.
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    Thanks for posting as a new question, Rich.

    Same question also mentioned in passing here:

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    Rich, I don't think I know anyone who has 15 of my books. That's amazing. I feel like I should be inviting you to my house at Thanksgiving. There are a couple books that I wrote just for the European market. Those are the one you are probably missing.

    I have not tried the vortex yet. I'm sorry. I wish I could tell you my thoughts but I've got no experince to relay.

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