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Thread: Here is another oddity: FORCE 10????

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    Here is another oddity: FORCE 10????

    I promised to try and post some unusual items from time to time. It's getting kind of slow around here while you all are in winter hibernation.

    I have never seen or heard of this grill. Force 10. A portable.

    A whopping $12 on OfferUp right here in my little home town.

    Did just a little reading and it seems they may be out of business but that their market was grills for use on boats. 304 stainless to resist saltwater. Unusual, if nothing else. I don't really need another small grill, and I doubt anyone would pay much more even if I cleaned it all up. But, it is at least interesting...
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    If you need a small portable, it is probably worth it if the burners are good. But, I am skeptical about the availability of parts.
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