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Thread: Where and how to store wood chunks properly.

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    Where and how to store wood chunks properly.

    I usually purchase my wood chunks from online suppliers such as Fruitawood and Smokinlicious and never buy the pre-bagged wood sold in stores. I I usually only buy pecan or oak wood and never fruit wood plus my garage usually gets extremely hot in the summer living in the South. Is there a concensus on where to properly store wood chunks such as indoors, outdoors, closets, garages, etc.. ?

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    My preference is get any firewood / smoke wood "covered and out of the wet, up off the ground". I use a couple of large plastic trash cans to hold kindling and such.
    It's ok for wood to get wet / damp as long as it can dry.
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    Seems to me someone said fruitawood recommends refrigerator storage. I simply don’t have enough space for that.
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    Let it breathe, so store it in something with good airflow indoors like old milk crates or what I use cheap dollar store laundry baskets.
    I keep mine in the garage off the ground in my BBQ bar.

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