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Thread: WSM Cart - Bullet Truck

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    WSM Cart - Bullet Truck

    Bullet Truck is a cart for the 18" WSM and other bullet type smokers that's available for sale on eBay using this link:

    TVWBB member Mike Goethel is associated with this product. Due to forum rules he's unable to post messages promoting his product, so I'm posting this info on his behalf. I featured Bullet Truck in passing during my 2018 WSM Smoke Day video and you can see it there.

    Forum members reported problems getting in touch with Mike to purchase this product over the summer, but Mike says he's got those problems fixed and is ready to take orders through the eBay link above. The price is $299 including shipping, but he will discount the price to $249.18 if you place an offer for that amount on eBay. He will know the offer is coming from someone in the TVWBB community with the unique ending of .18 cents. Same day shipping via UPS Ground is included.


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    Whoa! That thing looks awesome. Seems like Mike thought of everything!
    Nothing but Weber equipment: Performer Grill , 18.5" WSM

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    Chris, my apologies for not knowing/ following the forum rules. I very much appreciate your posting the information on my behalf. Thank you. Mike

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