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Thread: How Big of a Bird on a 22.5 Kettle?

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    How Big of a Bird on a 22.5 Kettle?

    I have a Performer, with a Slow N Sear, and charcoal baskets, so my questions are; what is the biggest bird that will fit? Fuel set up? Temp and time?

    First attempt at a bird.

    I had thought about getting a WSM, but can not justify the cost to the wife.

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    I’ve gotten 22-24 pound birds in my 22.
    Two 12’s would be fine too. Shorter cook time as well.
    Not quite as impressive but, that way, the second bird can come off when folks are ready for seconds and it will be warmer.
    Just a suggestion.

    My method has always been “Un stuffed, 11 minutes per pound”
    Never a failure...yet!
    It will be delightful, enjoy.
    Carving tips in the “Krispy skin” thread, if you are interested.
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    Weber's chart shows a 7.5" clearance on the 22" kettle and suggest measuring the bird at the store.
    The 14" WSM also has a 7.5" clearance.
    Clearance measurements for gas grills, charcoal grills, and the WSM found here:

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