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So, if I had a Porsche Turbo I should just burn regular? Not a chance!
The article is VERY misleading and for the most part VERY wrong. The thing is there are some vehicles that indicate "premium fuel recommended" for best performance but regular can be used with no issues. These vehicles MAY not WILL see a performance and MPG gain on premium. However they may not and even if they do it may not be enough to offset the cost difference (which around here is close to $1.00 a gal) YES you read that right. Just went to a station recently and regular grade was 2.83 and premium was $3.60. Ou'd have to see a WHOLE LOTTA gain to make that worthwhile.
Now there are some that read differently "premium fuel REQUIRED" Huge difference here and regular fuel in this vehicle COULD cause engine damage, WILL cause severe performance hits, and will not allow the vehicle to run correctly overall right down to the automatic transmission not working correctly.