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Thread: When life gives you turkey bacon..............

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    When life gives you turkey bacon..............

    ........make dog treats out of it.
    It was wife, not life, she was hoping to lower her Weight Watcher points with it because she does love bacon.
    Two pieces was enough for her, it was just sitting in the fridge getting near the use-by date, so I tried some this morning, Brooke the lab loved it.
    So I grilled it for treats.

    Put on a slice of bologna for my lunch:

    Yeah, I got a little carried away with the notches to keep it flat.

    Jo had just harvested our tomatoes, one went on my sandwich.

    Tasty little lunch, thank for viewing!

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    Lucky dog and lucky you. Very nice Bob.
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    Lucky Brooke, boy sure glad Whitney and Abby were not in the office with me when I viewed this thread, there would be no living with them. Although Barb makes the pups dog biscuits which are much healthier than the commercial ones.
    When we cook our home made Bacon for Sunday breakfast they go nuts because they know that's when they get their small portion of scrambled eggs and bacon mixed in with their dry food.
    That grilled bologna sammie looks quite good also. I also tried turkey bacon once ….just once.
    "Rescuing just one dog won't change the world, but it surely will change the world for that one dog."

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    I tried turkey bacon once many years ago. Nuff said...

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    mmmmm, facon.

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    If you get the organic turkey bacon (I think Trader Joe’s has it) it isn’t half bad. It has some fat so it crisps and curls like real bacon. Applegate farms I think it is.

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