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Thread: Restoration question - slide out bottom tray

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    Restoration question - slide out bottom tray

    What's the recommended course of action for the slide out bottom tray in generally good condition but with some rust spots? I'm working on a Silver B that I will just be using myself. After cleaning the tray up, it's in mostly good shape but there's a few spots where the porcelain must be gone and the inevitable rust is coming through. I'm not overly concerned about appearance since it's mostly out of sight, but should I paint it with high-temp paint in order to help slow down the rust? My concern is that since it is porcelain-coated the paint won't adhere and will flake off quickly.

    Do you guys paint or otherwise treat these somehow? Or just use as-is until they decay further then replace with new?


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    Dont bother trying to paint it or remedy the rust other than scrubbing off what is already there. Just clean it and use it until it rusts through.
    In the mean time, you can keep your eyes open for a donor grill that has one in good condition.
    Grills and guns are a lot alike. While one would usually suffice and you can only use one a time, each grill/gun is better in certain situations.

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    I would go with Bruce’s greater experience, but I admit I have used high heat black paint to touch up minor damage with no apparent issues.
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