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Thread: Consensus on burn time on 14”

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    Consensus on burn time on 14”


    Looking at possibly picking up a used 14”, I’ve had my 18” for 12 years now and it’s now used for overnight cooks since I use my meadow creek offset for most smokings. Would the 14” be able to handle an overnight cook if I filled the charcoal ring? I can’t find too many threads that state what the maximum amount of time is that the 14” could maintain 230-250 degrees.

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    I’ve had my 14” WSM for about 12 cooks now. Longest I’ve been able to go so far on a full ring of charcoal (minion method) is 10 hours. I also use water in the pan about 3/4 full. Hope this helps.
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    I haven't done overnight cooks.
    My longest cook was probably around 6 hours and I had loads of charcoal left (that was with lump charcoal and waterpan).

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    I heap my coals till they touch the bottom the water pan, and I can get at least 8 hours if using a quality charcoal with reduced ash output. Ash accumulation is the biggest hindrance to heat output with the 14" smoker.

    I sometimes wish Weber would have made a trap door of sorts for quick ash removal on their smokers. An extra top vent would come in handy for hot & fast chicken too.
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