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Thread: 4.2 vs 4.3?

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    4.2 vs 4.3?

    What are the exact differences in the versions? Iíve read quite a bit on the Wiki but canít really grasp which version would be best for me. The size seems to be the only difference I can really see and the price difference. Iím looking to use a Pi Zero W as the pi unit for it.

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    If you plan to use the pi zero then go with the 4.3.

    The only difference between the two versions are how they utilize the different version of the Rpi's. The older 4.2 is more for older RPi version and the 4.3 is for the newer versions.

    They both work exactly the same.

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    Yeah the only difference is in the shape of the boards. They're functionally equivalent, so either can be used with the Pi Zero W. If using a 4.2 though, you just need to install 26 male pins into the Zero's 40 pin header because all 40 would bump into parts on the HeaterMeter board (although both HeaterMetere versions only have 26 pin female headers). I feel like it really just comes down to if you have a preference on the button styles. The 4.2 has one 4-way switch on the front and the 4.3 has 4x individual buttons. I prefer the 4 individual but some prefer the 4-way here.

    There's really only about a 50 cent difference in their prices but on the official store I was dumb and bought 250x 4.2 bare circuit boards on my last order of them because at the time they were moving as much as the 4.3 boards. Now that all the original Pi Model B stock has pretty much dried up I'm selling all the 4.2-specific parts at cost so it ends up being like $10 cheaper. I still have close to 100 left! I am so good at business.
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    For what it's worth, I am extremely happy with my HMv4.2, I have several, one of which I run with the rPi Zero-W which works great. Like Bryan said, just make sure to install only 26 pins on the rPi header and the Zero-W mates perfectly.
    I am just now getting around to building my first HMv4.3, so have not formed a solid opinion on it. Personally I think the size/profile of the HMv4.2 is perfect, not sure if thinner and taller is better.
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