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Thread: Save 40% On Pro-Series Probes

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    Save 40% On Pro-Series Probes

    Limited time sale on Pro-Series probes from ThermoWorks.

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    The #1 recommended HeaterMeter probes! I noticed this time they have new 2.5" straight probes (as opposed to the 4.5" regular straight probes which are pretty much all I use). Those might be even better than their longer brethren because that should be deep enough for even the largest pork butt or turkey breast.
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    Thermoworks Pro are my favorite probes! I use the waterproof needle probes quite a lot. Love the fact that they can take the weather, I leave mine outside all the time. Only problem is I can't take advantage of the sale because I have plenty on hand as they survive the punishment I throw at them. Maybe I will order the 2.5" straight probe 'cause I don't have one yet....
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