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Thread: Thermocouple mount preference

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    Thermocouple mount preference

    Hi all,

    Been using the HeaterMeter 4.0 for years now and love it. Just decided to upgrade to the 4.3 with thermocouple and am trying to decide how I'll mount and place the thermocouple. Right now I'm using a Webber 22" Kettle Grill, and I traditionally inserted my Maeverick thermistor probeds through an onion sliced down the middle to make a flat surface, with the tip about an inch or two above the grill grate near the meat.

    1. Is there any disadvantage of inserting either a thermistor or thermocouple through something like an onion or an apple? I wouldn't think it would affect the temperature reading since I assume the probe is actually in the tip.

    2. Would anyone recommend using an alligator clip over inserting a thermocouple through an onion? I could buy one of those metal V-shaped things from thermoworks, but I'm trying to only invest less that $20 on a thermocouple, not $60!. Besides, I always have a spare onion lying around, and sometimes I end up eating it

    I don't have an existing temperature gauge on my webbed lid to clip to. And I plan to buy a larger offset smoker at some point, since I have limited grilling surface area now.

    Cheers, and thanks to the community for such a cool product.

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    Onion is perfectly fine, or apple. As long as the tip is exposed, you will be fine to use anything that will hold the Thermocouple were you prefer

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    Onion is fine, but SS clips are cheap on ebay or amazon.

    And most thermocouple leads slip right into the end.

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    I used to use a clothespin back before I had my thermocouple attached into my lid. I've got some pretty delicious smelling clothespins out of the deal. You can see them in use in the wiki:

    Not that there's anything wrong with the onion or apple idea, but in the long run either the alligator clip or similar will end up costing less, unless you eat that smoked onion which now I want to do.
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