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Thread: Weber Q grills and comparing the Q3200 to the Q200

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    Great advice, Bruce. I definitely will apply your ideas. I work full-time for a not-for-profit, plus have a part-time job and then do income taxes this time of year. My wife frequently reminds me that I really don't have time to do grill restorations! But, for me, it is the one "job" where I can use my hands and see something be created - or at least re-created. I wish I could have a burst of time to catch up on my long backlog, because there definitely are some good deals I am forced to pass on. There is a BEAUTIFUL Genesis Silver C for just $125 INCLUDING a rotisserie!

    The sad thing is that, apparently, everyone else is passing on it, too. That doesn't bode well for my ability to sell some of my stock, but then again as nice as the Silvers are they may not have the same appeal as the classic Genesis with stained wood trays and maybe a red or other color besides black hood. I actually personally like brunettes (black) hoods, but redheads seem to attract more attention!

    I hope you get through upper mid-west winter. I went to grad school in Chicago and worked there for a year, but I had to come back to Florida with my frozen tail between my legs!
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    Offer $85. If has been sitting there for a while, he might be getting tired of it and take anything to get rid of it. Doesn't cost anything to try.
    Grills and guns are a lot alike. While one would usually suffice and you can only use one a time, each grill/gun is better in certain situations.

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