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Thread: 1950s Weber demo of early Ranch Kettle

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    1950s Weber demo of early Ranch Kettle

    Looks like one of those early TV demos of Weber grills, this time for the early version of the Ranch Kettle...could be the Ranch Bar-B-Q Model RB-600. From the 1955 Cooking With Magic brochure:

    "Serves 22 people! Ideal for parties and for commercial and camp feeding. Cover and dampers. Diameter 36-1/2", height 27-3/4". Warm-up center pan."

    "22 people"...that's awfully specific. Also, "camp feeding" is a funny term.

    Bonus Points if you noticed the precursor to the Gourmet BBQ System grate on this bad boy.

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    Totally cool picture! Never would have dreamed that idea went back so far.
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