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Thread: Pork Loin Ham

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    Pork Loin Ham

    Hi, I have a Weber Smokey Mt which I truly love. I stumbled upon Harry Soo which I have found uses the same smoker winning many championships. Long story short, I have learned his way and used many of his recipes - Love them.

    So I found one of his recipes that I really want to do, however I am questioning one key portion. For 2-3 lbs of pork lion the recipe calls for 8 teaspoons pink salt (cure #1) - WOW.
    Does this seem correct? Has anyone ever done something similar? I am very hesitant with this seeing how it would be for Christmas dinner and would had to waste my time, money and be embarrassed.

    Please help me

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    I've made this, basically the same as Canadian bacon, many times.
    I dry cure using Morton's Tender Quick, not with pink salt.
    Looks like Harry was questioned about the amount of pink salt back in 2014, with no reply.

    Since it's a wet cure, mixed with a gallon of water, cured for only 48 hours, and soaked for 2 hours afterwards, there may not be a problem.
    This is only my opinion.
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