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Thread: Craigslist find! $20 Redhead Genesis 3000

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    Craigslist find! $20 Redhead Genesis 3000

    Hey I know some of you have lucked into FREE classic Webers, but I thought this was pretty cool at just $20 and only 25 miles away! I moved fast and just in time...Overall, it has expected rough spots but I think enough intact to warrant a renovation. The owner said that it was his father's grill and that it had been stored outside but always under a roof. He wasn't familiar with people restoring old Webers and asked for "after" pictures.

    I didn't have much daylight time to really look this grill over and for $20 I wasn't going to quibble. But a quick looks shows that the red top looks really bright for a Florida grill. Also, although they are rusty, it appears to have the pre-porcelain-plated cast iron grates. I think the porcelain coating looks great for a little while but then it seems it wants to start coming off on my food. I would rather take the extra time to restore an old pure cast iron one and then keep up with the seasoning.

    I hope to post progress pictures as my limited time allows. I might use this redhead lid for my 1000 restoration and put my favorite color black lid (and a right side flip table) on this one. All I need is time!
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    Nice find. Worth 20 all day long.

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    Wow, that's an awesome find. I'm still working on my Genny 1000 red and hope to finish by this weekend.

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    Those are great grills. Mine is a 3000 which I turned into a 2000 by deleting the side burner. I found myself never using it, and I put another table there. I like that I can rest a drink there without it getting as hot as on the left hand side table

    I also converted to natural gas, which every time I use the grill I am still happy about: no wondering how much propane is "really" left, and no tanks to cart around!

    Enjoy it, personally I've rehabbed maybe three or four of these grills, and this one is far and away my keeper!
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    Yah, awesome find. I can understand the low price with the parts missing and probably in need of some replacement parts and TLC, but even if you just bought it for a parts grill, you have a steal.
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