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Thread: Competition Smoke Wood

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    Competition Smoke Wood

    What is the primary or mostly used wood type used in competitions (i.e. oak, apple, hickory)?

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    I have the feeling that pecan is the most used. Just a gut reaction, no factual data to back that up.

    Let me revise that a little... Both Pecan and Cherry.
    Pecan because is generally the go to wood for a lot of smokers.
    Cherry because of the super mahogany color it gives meats.
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    I think Bob is correct. I don't have the background Bob does but I read a lot and I'm seeing more and more pros using pecan.
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    We had a BBQ competition here a couple of summers ago, mostly local teams. About 20 teams competed. I asked about half of them what type of wood they used it was a mixed bag but 5 or 6 said pecan though.
    I remember that because I went out and got some pecan to try and still use it a lot.
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    Totally depends on where you are, and what you are cooking.
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    In my area I see alot of apple, hickory, and cherry (I use apple/hickory) Lots of guys use pecan too

    IMO the wood choice has less to do with your product than how you use it. Any of the ones mentioned will do just fine.

    Good luck on the comp trail!
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