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Thread: Low and Slow on the Weber Gasser

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    I have made ribs on mine and have had people fall in love with them.

    To keep the temp low I run it with only the front burner going, back two turned off. Keeps it just over 200 for a long time, 9-10 hours. When I do it this way I finish it by cranking the heat for I guess the rib version of a reverse sear.
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    My Weber Genesis will hold 225 degrees with one burner. I tried preheating with only one burner and it took forever to come up to temperature. Now I start it on 3-burner high heat for about 5 to 10 minutes to get the box thoroughly heated, then turn off 2 burners and the temperature will drop and hold at around 250 fairly quickly, with a little tweaking of the burner's dial.

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