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Thread: Home made chicken stock

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Golden View Post
    If you roast the bones etc. on a sheet pan for a while first the stock will be even better!
    Interesting! Here's a good thanksgiving tip guys/girls. Make a fresh batch of chicken stock a few days before TG. Brine your turkey over night. About an hour before putting your bird on the kettle. Inject the hell out of it with your fresh batch of stock. You guy's can thank me that Friday

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    A pressure cooker is a fantastic way to make chicken stock: lots quicker and the flavor is even better than the traditional simmer.

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    This is my favorite way to make stock. Instead of turkey though I use chicken and or parts. I have a couple of ziplock bags of chicken parts, mostly backs from spatchcocked chickens and wing tips to make a batch of stock, its just been too hot to do it. Read the instructions and not just watch the video. they are missing a few steps in the video.
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